Beating Breast Cancer

The Amader Gram Breast Care Center (a project of BFES) is a diagnostic and treatment center for women with any kind of breast problem. The center provides in one place affordable and high-quality services to diagnose breast problems, take pathology tissues samples, if necessary, plan treatment, provide medical treatments for breast cancer and provide symptomatic care at home using regular cell phone communications for women with serious cancer problems.

Access to care - a priority concern in Bangladesh

In low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) like Bangladesh, hospitalization-requiring care for all is usually adequately provided by public institutions for poorer, and private hospitals for wealthier citizens. In contrast, outpatient medical care and pharmaceuticals require out-of pocket payments by patients. New businesses and their models are mostly targeting a growing urban emerging middle class clientele, with commercial solutions. Markets have mostly ignored the much larger populations of patients at the bottom of the age-population pyramid. Paralysis and neglect best characterize cancer medicine for most citizens in LMIC, where cost issues scare government officials, big businesses (such as diagnostic laboratories) and major pharmaceutical companies control what care is given for everyone, and often the majority of any funds for cancer is spent on diagnostic investigations and systemic treatments of marginal value.


Allowing affordable outpatient care

In the development field broadly, there has been a shift in focus toward local community and small-scale enterprise (e.g. 'social business') solutions to poverty. Applied to medicine, this focus suggests that greater efforts in defining local solutions may provide useful models. In these contexts, we share here our experience developing a Breast Problem Clinic over the last several years, which efforts, we believe, have supported some keys to creating affordable and sufficiently high-quality outpatient medical care services, applicable more broadly to other NCDs.



Critical Breast Examinations

Breast Health Screening Programs

Imaging Services

Diagnostic Biopsies


Breast Pain Assessment and Management

Counseling and Testing

Breast Health Education

Fibroadenoma Management


Breast Infection Treatment

Nipple Discharge Evaluation

Benign Breast Conditions Management

Coordinated Care with Specialists

We Help You for Your Health Need

Amader Gram Breast Care Center is a medical facility that specializes in addressing various breast-related health concerns, ranging from benign conditions to potential signs of breast cancer.

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