At our Breast Care Center in Khulna we offer “one stop” care for women who have a breast problem.

For every new patient:
➤ We create an electronic medical record.
➤ We do a careful complete physical examination.
➤ We perform a breast ultrasound examination with a high-resolution scanner.

For any patient who has a breast change that may be cancer, we recommend and do an immediate painless needle biopsy to obtain tissue to make a pathological examination.

For any patient who we find has a serious breast problem, the patient’s situation is reviewed at our weekly international patient management telemedicine video conference with international experts.

Medical treatment services (chemotherapies and hormonal therapies)
For patients who need medical treatments with chemotherapy, we provide outpatient day care treatments.

For any patient who is diagnosed with breast cancer we give recommendations for any specific laboratory tests or radiology examinations, and specific treatments. Our recommendations are based on our Amader Gram Clinical Practice Guidelines and recommendations from our international consultants.

Medical treatments, long term
For women with problems with breast pain or discomfort with is clearly not due to cancer, and for women with breast cancer who are receiving hormonal treatments, we provide regular check-up visits with careful physical examinations and ultrasound examinations.

Symptom management care
For women with very serious breast or other cancer problems who have pain and other symptoms which keep them at home, we do a careful evaluation of these symptoms and then we give the patient and her family a special cell phone and have them send a report to our doctors every day of the woman’s symptoms. Our doctors and nurses then prescribe and change treatments to make sure that the symptoms get better.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

We adhere to our Clinical Practice Guidelines, meticulously crafted by a team of Bangladeshi specialists in close collaboration with international health professionals. These guidelines function as a roadmap for healthcare practitioners, delineating appropriate methods of treatment and care. They can be tailored to address specific clinical situations (disease-oriented) or focus on the use of approved medical products, procedures, or tests (modality-oriented).

Our expert panels, armed with the best available evidence, meticulously identify, and develop practice recommendations for various aspects of breast health, ensuring the availability of comprehensive practice guidelines. The selection of guideline topics is based on factors such as significant clinical or economic importance, variations in patterns of care, accessibility challenges, the presence of suitable data, and ethical considerations.

To access our guidelines, please feel free to click on the following link – Amader Gram Breast Problem Clinical Practice Guidelines.